What is insider screener?

insider screener makes monitoring insider transactions easy.

Because reading through insider transactions filings published on the financial regulators' websites is a tedious task, we gather this data, analyze it and publish it so that you can find the data you need easily.

We also developed some algorithms to detect the most relevant transactions, since with more than a thousand new transactions detected every day, making sense of the data can be difficult.

Where is the data coming from?

We gather the data directly from the financial regulators or from the stock exchanges, depending on each market.

Who's behind insider screener?

Hello, I'm Emmanuel. I created insider screener with the aim of increasing retail investors' access to alternative, regulated information.

This is a a one-man operation, and I handle everything from programming to support. Your feedback is very valuable so that I can keep improving the website. I answer all emails: [email protected].

Your subscriptions are also welcome! Not only they let you use advanced features, but they also help me make time for development and pay for the website's fixed costs. Subscribe

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