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Companies where multiple insiders have bought the company's shares
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European stock markets
Indian stock market
Company Discount
Radhe Developers (India) Ltd (531273) -5%
Quess Corp Ltd (QUESS) -16%
Orient Bell Ltd (ORIENTBELL) -9%
Geekay Wires Ltd (GEEKAYWIRE) -6%
Shakti Pumps India Ltd (SHAKTIPUMP) -16%
Kopran Ltd (KOPRAN) -15%
Aurionpro Solutions Ltd (AURIONPRO) -8%
KPI Green Energy Ltd (KPIGREEN) -18%
Aurionpro Solutions Ltd (AURIONPRO) -8%
KPI Green Energy Ltd (KPIGREEN) -20%
Apcotex Industries Ltd (APCOTEXIND) -18%
JSW Energy Ltd (JSWENERGY) -9%
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd (UJJIVANSFB) -14%
CL Educate Ltd (CLEDUCATE) -15%
Clean Science and Technology Ltd (CLEAN) -7%