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Abbreviations B: Buy, S: Sell, PP: Planned purchase, PS: Planned sale, O: Option / Other
Country Company B/S Transaction type Insider and/or position Nb. shares
Number of shares Price Total value
US S Sale


EVP - Guaranty Bank & Trust

250 -1.0%
9,625 USD
250 -1.0% 38.50 9,625 USD
US Pharmaceuticals & Medical Research B Purchase


Non-Executive Director Major owner
12,000 +0.0%
10,208 USD
12,000 +0.0% 0.85 10,208 USD
US Utilities B Purchase

Rasmussen Steven R

Non-Executive Director
13 +0.5%
600 USD
13 +0.5% 45.46 600 USD
US Healthcare Services PS Planned sale


Non-Executive Director
12,354 -100.0%
459,569 USD
12,354 -100.0% 37.20 459,569 USD
US Healthcare Services PS Planned sale

Lee Christopher G

Chief Accounting Officer

1,239 -100.0%
46,091 USD
1,239 -100.0% 37.20 46,091 USD
US Pharmaceuticals & Medical Research B Purchase


Affiliate of 10% Owner

Major owner
4,615 +0.0%
67,976 USD
4,615 +0.0% 14.73 67,976 USD
US Energy - Fossil Fuels PP Planned purchase

Bairrington Phillip David

Non-Executive Director
1,630 +3.7%
72,470 USD
1,630 +3.7% 44.46 72,470 USD
US Insurance PS Planned sale


EVP, Chief Legal Officer

5,350 -4.1%
284,588 USD
5,350 -4.1% 53.19 284,588 USD
US Cyclical Consumer Services PP Planned purchase

Standard General L.P.

Major owner
2,723 +0.6%
17,056 USD
2,723 +0.6% 6.26 17,056 USD
US Software & IT Services PS Planned sale

Brown Kirk Norman

Major owner
3,621 -0.0%
184,754 USD
3,621 -0.0% 51.02 184,754 USD

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Why you should track insider transactions

Corporate executives have the most up-to-date information about their company's prospects, and their trades provide valuable information to other investors.

Research has shown that insiders are indeed better informed than your average investor and earn abnormal returns.

Peter Lynch, one of the world's most renowned investors with a 29.2% annual return, said:
"insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise."

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We only focus on transactions that are relevant to investors: we screen out options exercises, stock-based compensation and all the noise to only present you real buy and sell transactions.

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