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Abbreviations B: Buy, S: Sell, PP: Planned purchase, PS: Planned sale, O: Option / Other
Country Company B/S Transaction type Insider and/or position Nb. shares
Number of shares Price Total value
SE B Purchase

Oskar Hellström

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Officer
86,760 SEK
723 120.00 86,760 SEK
Trelleborg AB (TREL-B)
B Purchase

Charlotta Grähs

Other member of the company's administrative, management or supervisory body
333,765 SEK
1,500 222.51 333,765 SEK
SE B Purchase

Viktoria Van Camp

Other member of the company's administrative, management or supervisory body
113,800 SEK
500 227.60 113,800 SEK
GR Utilities B Purchase


General Manager Closely affiliated Officer
133,200 EUR
9,000 14.80 133,200 EUR
SE B Purchase


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Managing Directory Officer
96,100 EUR
62,000 1.55 96,100 EUR
US Software & IT Services PS Planned sale

Prince Matthew

CEO & Chair of the Board Executive Director Major owner
200 -100.0%
15,586 USD
200 -100.0% 77.93 15,586 USD
US Software & IT Services PS Planned sale

Prince Matthew

CEO & Chair of the Board Executive Director Major owner
18,517 -98.9%
1,429,972 USD
18,517 -98.9% 77.22 1,429,972 USD
US Software & IT Services PS Planned sale

Prince Matthew

CEO & Chair of the Board Executive Director Major owner
15,910 -45.9%
1,213,523 USD
15,910 -45.9% 76.27 1,213,523 USD
US Software & IT Services PS Planned sale

Prince Matthew

CEO & Chair of the Board Executive Director Major owner
17,757 -33.9%
1,339,709 USD
17,757 -33.9% 75.45 1,339,709 USD
US Software & IT Services PS Planned sale

Lake Katrina

Chief Executive Officer Executive Director Major owner
9,054 -100.0%
390,743 USD
9,054 -100.0% 43.16 390,743 USD

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Companies where multiple insiders have bought the company's shares
United States stock market
Last 30 days
Company # insiders Amount
US Isabella Bank Corp (ISBA) 9 66,924 EUR
US Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc (PHX) 8 3,099,489 EUR
US Adtalem Global Education Inc (ATGE) 8 411,087 EUR
US Community Bankers Trust Corp (ESXB) 7 73,644 EUR
US Agree Realty Corp (ADC) 6 3,272,104 EUR
US Cardiff Oncology Inc (CRDF) 6 213,196 EUR
US Carriage Services Inc (CSV) 6 204,207 EUR
US Core Molding Technologies Inc (CMT) 6 100,689 EUR
US Citizens Community Bancorp Inc (CZWI) 6 67,923 EUR
European stock markets
Last 30 days, available countries only
Company # insiders Amount
SE Skanska AB (SKA-B) 11 10,623,958 EUR
DE Daimler AG (DAI) 11 362,104 EUR
SE Pierce Group AB (PIERCE) 8 472,092 EUR
DE Prosiebensat 1 Media SE (PSM) 7 1,731,714 EUR
SE Castellum AB (CAST) 7 166,142 EUR
SE Hufvudstaden AB (HUFV-A) 6 15,386,776 EUR
SE Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB 6 6,104,481 EUR
SE Fastighets AB Trianon (TRIAN-B) 6 1,960,025 EUR
DE Siemens Healthineers AG (SHL) 6 1,853,915 EUR
SE Bergman & Beving AB (BERG-B) 6 1,738,055 EUR
Buy transactions following a more than 5% decrease of the share price
United States stock market
Company Detection Discount
Advanced Drainage Systems Inc (WMS) Feb. 22, 2021 -6%
OPKO Health Inc (OPK) Feb. 22, 2021 -11%
Quidel Corp (QDEL) Feb. 22, 2021 -29%
Telephone and Data Systems Inc (TDS) Feb. 22, 2021 -14%
Henry Schein Inc (HSIC) Feb. 19, 2021 -9%
Applied Therapeutics Inc (APLT) Feb. 19, 2021 -12%
AVROBIO Inc (AVRO) Feb. 18, 2021 -22%
Black Knight Inc (BKI) Feb. 18, 2021 -7%
Guaranty Bancshares Inc (GNTY) Feb. 18, 2021 -6%
NU Skin Enterprises Inc (NUS) Feb. 18, 2021 -20%
European stock markets
Company Detection Discount
Lem Holding SA (LEHN) Feb. 22, 2021 -8%
Eurobank Ergasias Services and Holdings SA (EUROB) Feb. 19, 2021 -5%
Encavis AG (ECV) Feb. 19, 2021 -15%
Terna Energy SA (TENERGY) Feb. 19, 2021 -11%
Idorsia Ltd (IDIA) Feb. 18, 2021 -6%
Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield SE (URW) Feb. 16, 2021 -18%
Medincell SA (MEDCL) Feb. 16, 2021 -8%
Commerzbank AG (CBK) Feb. 12, 2021 -9%
Idorsia Ltd (IDIA) Feb. 12, 2021 -7%
Alstom SA (ALO) Feb. 11, 2021 -5%
The insider sentiment index is computed by averaging the proportion of insider buy transactions over all stocks in each market — above 60%, the insiders are bullish, under 40%, they are bearish
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Corporate executives have the most up-to-date information about their company's prospects, and their trades provide valuable information to other investors.

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Peter Lynch, one of the world's most renowned investors with a 29.2% annual return, said:
"insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise."

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